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Prof. Henri Van Damme

Professor Emeritus, ESPCI-Paris

Research Affiliate, MIT-CNRS Joint Laboratory, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Henri Van Damme is emeritus professor, Ecole de Physique et Chimie Industrielles de Paris (ESPCI-Paris), where was professor of thermodynamics and materials science till 2016. He has spent the last three years as visiting professor in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at MIT. Born in Belgium he received a graduate degree in bio- and chemical engineering and a PhD degree in materials science, both from the University of Leuven, before moving to France. He has been scientific director of IFSTTAR (formerly LCPC), the main civil engineering laboratory in France, from 2009 to 2014. Van Damme devoted most of his carreer to the study of geomaterials like glass, clays, or cement, with applications in the field of construction, energy, and environment. He is also interested in architecture, conservation, and urban sciences. He is currently involved in a national project on innovative education methods in construction materials science and architecture.