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Conference topics with summaries

Sustainable Construction Materials (S1,4)

  • Design and manufacturing of sustainable construction materials
  • Nano-engineered cementitious materials for durability
  • Multi-scale computational modelling for durable materials
  • Material sustainability through local raw material inputs
  • Effect of aggressive environment on material durability and characteristics
  • Use of waste materials and recycling for sustainable solutions
  • Other related topics will also be considered

Structural Monitoring, Assessment, and Engineering (S2,5)

  • Structural health monitoring of civil infrastructure systems
  • Ground motion modelling and assessment
  • Non-destructive testing and evaluation for sustainable infrastructure systems
  • Seismic analysis and design of tall buildings
  • Performance based earthquake engineering and reliability assessment of structures
  • Energy based design for seismic resistance of structures
  • Building code and standards development
  • Other related topics will also be considered

Energy Efficiency and Life Cycle Analysis(S3,6)

  • Energy efficiency of buildings
  • Life cycle performance of buildings and neighbourhoods
  • Development of Urban model platforms
  • Life cycle and risk assessments
  • Rating systems for sustainability of buildings and infrastructure
  • Environmental impact of retrofitting versus new construction
  • Urban growth strategies for optimum material and system sustainability
  • Other related topics will also be considered

Special Topics (S7,8,9)

  • Engineering education and research for sustainable infrastructure systems
  • Resiliency, risk and adaptation to climate change
  • Recovery of infrastructure in extreme environment
  • Design of sustainable mega cities
  • Risk and reliability assessment of infrastructure systems
  • Sustainable project management
  • Financing sustainable infrastructure projects
  • Built environment and society
  • Impacts of infrastructure on economic and social developments
  • Policy for infrastructure development
  • Technological and social challenges
  • Educational issues
  • Promoting regional collaboration
  • Codes and standards-international and regional
  • Knowledge based economy-a future outlook
  • Socio-economic future developments
  • Big initiatives in the Gulf region on infrastructure
  • Kuwait government initiative
  • Promoting small business and start-up activities
  • Restructuring domestic energy and water pricing
  • Innovative investment and financing solutions toward sustainable built environment
  • Effective communication and public awareness strategies for sustainable built environment
  • Required institutional capacity supporting sustainable built environment
  • Role of civil society institutions in advocating sustainable built environment
  • Other related topics will also be considered