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  • Registration & Call for Abstracts Opens : July, 15, 2018
  • Reply to Authors : January, 20, 2019
  • Conference start : March, 10, 2019
  • Submit manuscript for the proceeding : May, 30, 2019

No registration fee is required.

Instructions for participants

Participants wishing to present results of recent research work are invited to submit a one-page abstract as outlined below. Work described in contributed papers must have scientific merit, and should not have been published elsewhere prior to presentation at the Meeting.

Instructions for abstract submission

Abstracts should be prepared in Word format and may include Tables, Schemes, Figures, and references, within one A4 page.
The abstract should be formatted using "Times New Roman" font throughout, single-spaced paragraphs, capitalized titles using 14 pt. type, 12 pt. type for the body text, and 10 pt type for the affiliation.
The name of the presenting author should be underlined.
Abstract content must not exceed 250 words. The body of the abstract should describe your research, results and conclusions of your study.

Notice to presenter

Information for Oral Speakers:
All the oral speakers including Keynote, Invited and oral speakers should come up to "Speaker Ready Room " at least 2h or even ONE DAY before their presentations to upload and check their ppt (or equivalent), or pdf files in USB flash memory or CD-ROM. Speakers can use Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or 2007, or Adobe Acrobat 9. First of all, you may confirm that the presentation file works on stand-alone PC in the Speaker Ready Room, which is the same PC in the Presentation room. Also, we check Virus in your memory media.  At the "Speaker Ready Room", you can ask the staff any question on your presentation. You may solve your own problems here so that you present your study with ease, without any trouble.

The allotted time for each presentation is as follows:

Plenary Lecture: Presentation 60 min (please allow a couple of questions, if time permits).
Keynote Lecture: Presentation 30 min (please allow a couple of questions, if time permits).
Oral Presentation: Presentation 20 min (please allow a couple of questions, if time permits).
For smooth operation of the conference, you must present your talk punctually.

Information for Poster Presenters:

Posters can be put on the board from 10 am at the first day. The dimensions of poster board are 180 cm in height and 90 cm in width in portrait. Therefore, your poster dimensions should be 110 x 90 cm (height x width). Pins or thumbtacks will be available at the session site.